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Monday, November 10, 2008

Learn More About Visual Studio Team System 2010

To learn more about the new features and capabilities in Visual Studio Team System 2010 follow the links below.
1. Modeling that Works with CodePowerful modeling tools are important for both defining new systems as well as discovering architectural information about existing systems. Our new modeling tools have tight integration into the actual code of the application enabling a developer or architect to use models to enforce constraints on code, as well as to explore existing code assets. Learn more.

2. Eliminating “No-Repro”One of the most difficult problems has always been that of the bug that can’t be reproduced – the “no repro” bug. There are a lot of factors that drive these types of bugs and we have worked to create tools to isolate the issue and enable faster fixes. Learn more.

3. Identify the Test ImpactAfter making a change to the code it is critical to test the changes to prove they work as expected and to ensure no unexpected downstream effect. Test Impact Analysis helps developers quickly check-in code with confidence by running only the necessary tests. Learn more.

Reference by : Microsoft msdn

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's New in Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft is naming the next release of its Visual Studio integrated development platform “Visual Studio 2010.

Microsoft went public with the new name on September 29. Based on previous Microsoft naming convention

Visual Studio 2010 supports

1. jQuery support

2. Object Management Group’s Unified Modeling Language (UML).

3. Domain Specific Language (DSL).

4. Visual Studio 2010 to come with 'black box'.